AIR PLANT - Tillandsia Lucky Dip
AIR PLANT - Tillandsia Lucky Dip
AIR PLANT - Tillandsia Lucky Dip
AIR PLANT - Tillandsia Lucky Dip

AIR PLANT - Tillandsia Lucky Dip

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A gorgeous little air-plant  - beautiful, simple and stunning

  • Likes diffused and bright indirect light without any direct sunlight
  • Humid atmosphere
  • Keep misted in a drier environment. Access where your airplane lives and mist accordingly, ie; a very warm bright room light mist daily, if darker then twice per week. Never soak with the mister, just a light spray.
  • Watering your air-plant also depends of your home. Again a very light warm room means you should soak your plant, if its not so bright them misting is probably enough with the occasional soak.
  • To water, place your air-plant into tepid (distilled preferably) water for 5 mins. Remove and shake carefully to remove the water. Dry it upside down on a towel in a bright spot as it needs to dry fully within a few hours. Always water in the morning. Air-plants left too wet are susceptible to rot.
  • Brown tips indicate not enough water, brown/black base indicates too much and it may be rotting.
  • Air plants are Epiphytic, meaning they normally grow attached to another plant harmlessly. They cannot survive on air alone.
  • You will receive an Air-plant in varying colours and sizes, sometimes not like the picture as they arrive in a mixed box.


  • Small air-plant of varying designs


  • Air-plant

Please note that the plant pictured is only an example of the Air Plant and you will receive one I have in stock. They are purchased as a mixed variety. All plants are different from each other, so please expect it to look similar but not the same. All sizes are approximate.