Kokedama Care

General Care 

Keep your Kokedama where it will want to thrive. I cannot stress how important light, air and humidity are to a plant. Most indoor house plants require a bright room with indirect light, without the suns rays hitting the foliage. At the time of purchase, a care guide and plant care will be included, which will give you a general idea to begin looking after your kokedama.

Watch for sunlight/darkness/dry or moist air as these things will determine the health of your plant. It won't take long before you learn if it is happy or not.

As with any indoor plant, remove dead or brown foliage, check for new growth, have a good watering schedule and feed with liquid fertiliser in your watering bowl when required. 

Your kokedama will want to be watered regularly. Unfortunately I can't give you the exact schedule as your home environment will determine this. You will easily read the signs from your plant and care will become very simple. 

Smaller moss balls need more water than larger ones as they can dry out sooner. In-between waterings, (for humidity loving plants) a daily mist would be appreciated. 

Its really important that you don't over water and generally let your kokedama dry out completely between soakings. Plants tend to prefer to be drier that wet.

You may have more success with a kokedama than the usual potted plant as you can't see the soil and accidentally overwater it, ridden with guilt!

The weight of your kokedama is your main indication that it needs water. When the ball is completely dry it will feel very, very light to hold, similar to a polystyrene ball. Don't be fooled that its dry on the inside as they do stay slightly damp for longer than you think. (A serious kokedama owner may use a moisture probe, which will give you the correct reading.) Other signs are that the thread holding it together may look slightly looser, this is because the moss has shrunk as its dried. Or the plant may just look thirsty, some plants will kindly wilt to remind you, but perk up soon after. I promise you, its super easy once you know each other!


To water, place the kokedama into a bowl or sink of fresh water at room temperature. At first it may float but will soon absorb enough water to saturate the moss. This generally takes about 15/20 mins. It may want more and could have absorbed all the water you've made available, so just add more. If there is still water in the bowl and 30 minutes has past, then most probably the kokedama is full. It will only absorb what it wants too. 

Adding plant food (in accordance to the manufacturers instructions) is good practice too.

Once watered, just leave to drip dry on a rack for 5 or 10 minutes. Give a little squeeze and reshape if needed. Place back onto display. Always protect your porous surfaces from the damp ball touching them directly. If you have a lot of kokedama then running them a bath or showering them is helpful. Watering is generally once a week for a small kokedama to 2/3 weeks for large. Succulent type kokedama only approx once per month, they DO NOT like to be kept wet and must be in full sunlight for part or most of the day. Your environment is the key to watering. Over watering will result in roots rotting and any natural materials breaking down faster than usual.


The ways to display these unique plants are endless and is part of what makes them so special.

  • Display your kokedama, just like a pot. Use a little saucer, or a nice tile, piece of slate or Japanese dish. Practically anything to sit it upright and give protection to your surfaces
  • Hang them! Most plants will come with a hook already in preparation to hang. They can be hung sideways, upside down, anyway as their soil is enclosed.
  • Poke a wall spike into the bottom the kokedama which gives the appearance of it floating on a wall without a shelf
  • In a macrame hanger
  • Suspended in groups at differing heights creates such a dramatic effect


As the soil of your kokedama is contained, they can be sent through the post generally without problems. They will not need watering as most are made fresh the day before posting. You will receive information as to when to start watering your ball. It will be absolutely fine for the few days that they are in transit. When your plant arrives, open carefully paying attention to what way the box is upright. Your kokedama will be in there amongst all the packaging! Also look out for the care card too.

If sending as a gift, it will be wrapped and can have a gift card or card enclosed with your personal message.

Postage will be at a flat rate of £9.95, on which postal service I deem the most suitable at the time. Click and collect from either Alfriston or Lewes stores. 

Do have a read through the frequently asked questions for more information.