PILEA - Pilea Peperomioide
PILEA - Pilea Peperomioide

PILEA - Pilea Peperomioide

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  • Likes diffused and bright indirect light without any direct sunlight
  • Dry air environment
  • Although a Pilea is part of the succulent family, but can't handle harsh sunlight
  • Water sparingly and in winter rarely. Watch the leaves, they will droop if thirsty
  • Be sure to dry the rootball out completely between soakings
  • Rotate to get to grow straight as will grow towards light
  • Water marks or spots on the leaves indicate too many minerals in the water, try distilled
  • Non Toxic


  • Medium
  • Height approx 40cm including ball
  • Diameter around ball approx 40-45cm


  • Hook at top as standard. Please add a note to your order if you would like the hook at the bottom for upside down hanging


  • Specialist soil mix
  • Sphagnum moss
  • Coconut fibre

Please note that the plant pictured is only an example of the kokedama and you will receive one freshly made. All plants are different from each other, so please expect it to look similar but not the same. All sizes are approximate.